Agricultural equipment

Because of the various outdoor environments, the development of innovative agricultural equipment is challenging. Driving with coupling, obstacle avoidance, tilting prevention devices and safety for the people need developments and tests.

In 4DV-SIM, the wheel/ground interaction (friction, efforts, dirt) and the simulation of unstructured (off-road) 3D environments for complex dynamic systems produce relevant data for the development of such applications.

4DV-SIM is a reliable and efficient answer to certify the behaviour of new agricultural equipments with a simulation representative of the use-case.


Industrial logistics

One of the major challenge for autonomous systems designed for harbors and airports is the presence of various activities (pedestrians, frequent obstacles, etc).

This variability requires an answer beyond the usual system focused simulations. 4DV-BATCH is the perfect tool to perform these intensive and advanced tests with the modification of parameters from simulation such as the position, size and nature of the objects in the scene. This tool also allows themodification of the sensor configuration, weather, disturbances, etc.

For a given set of simulations, you can evaluate the robustness of the system and detect anomalies, which are difficult to measure and observe during the real tests.



To improve employee comfort and productivity, autonomous / semi-autonomous mobile robots are increasingly present in warehouses. There are many applications such as mule robots, drones, robot fleets, etc.

4DV-SIM proposes a solution to design these systems without impact on your production and with a lower cost. The solution allows to simulate embedded sensor systems in a virtual environment, to take into account the presence of dynamic pedestrians and merchandise displacements. All these parameters produce more realistic tests. The solution also improves the visibility upon consequences and gain of such robotic systems.