Vehicles in urban areas

The arrival of autonomous driving systems in our everyday vehicles is both a technological challenge and an opportunity to increase the added value of these engines in our modern life.

There are multiple interests : reducing the number of accidents, improve the traffic flow, reduce the pollution, use the Cas as a Service (CaaS) for automated delivery, etc.

4DV-SIM is developed and organized to perform the simulation of different scenarios related to this use-case : perception, control and V2X communication.

4D-Virtualiz also help you to prepare 3D virtual geo-referenced environment and perform 3D scans and topographic surveys on real sites. This type of resources give the opportunity to run the tests in an high fidelity environment to ensure the success of further implementations in reality.


Highway convoys

The integration of autonomous vehicles on highways for the transportation of goods or persons promise a interesting future to improve the life of users and reduce the risks related to these route.

Either for the organization and the management of platoon configuration or quasi-instantaneous information sharing for V2X scenarios (traffic, risks, etc), the 4DV-SIM software propose an open framework, easy to integrate with your simulation and test work-flow.

To define precisely the required sensor set-up, necessary for the perception and the communication, 4DV-EDITOR provide a sensor library, virtual counterparts of real sensors to create a numerical twin of your future real set-up.


Preventing road accidents

Either with a human driver or with an autonomous car, failure prevention is an intrinsic priority before placing a new system on the market.

These potential accidents may be caused by external factors such as obstacles or internal factors induced by the car behavior and the perception of the environment.

4DV-EDITOR let you prepare scenarios matching with your use cases. 4DV-SIM will perform the simulation for you to develop and optimize your perception and control algorithms. Furthermore , with 4DV-MONITOR you can visualize the sensors data, interact and drive pedestrian. You also can extend the depth of your tests with 4DV-BATCH. This tool is dedicated to the generation of sets of simulations to certify the systems behaviour in various conditions.